No social media!!!

Ok so this month im out from twitter, facebook and instagram!!! I think most of us are so attached to the social media nowadays we cant live without it… But i decided i dont want to be one of those ppl… So for this month nomore social media just blogging in tumblr lets hope it goes well!!!

We said goodbye

Even though we will see each other at work… We had to let go… It feels hard but it had to happen… I think its the best decision and now we had to keep with our old routine!!! I had fun and i dont regret anything after all!!! The last part was better than wht i thought!!

Dont know wht to do

As a student in high school i had lots of friends and now 2 years later i realized tht at tht time i really had to let go of some of them… but now it feels like i want to just kindda try and fix some of those issues but i dont know how i can address them!!
Its hard and now tht im not in high school anymore i’ve come to realize tht i miss some of those high school moments, not all of them, but just some of them!!
As a 21 year old person i know i have to be mature and get on with my life but i feel tht if i dont fix this whtever i feel i wont be able to keep going… the hard part is tht idk where to start!!!


Lily and James Potter died today.

Harry Potter was brought to the Dursley’s front porch today.

Harry Potter was made into a horcrux today.

Harry Potter survived the killing curse today.

Harry Potter watched his mum die today.

Snape lost his true love today.

Harry Potter’s story began today.

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This dog… i love him he aint mine but doesnt matter he is the best!!!

This dog… i love him he aint mine but doesnt matter he is the best!!!

Radio hearts

Ok so i’ve heard the song for the longest time ever and i didnt know who the ft artist was the voice sounded so familiar but i still didnt know till i youtubed the video and saw it actually was adam levine cant believe i didnt recognized the voice lol anyways now i know so its alk cool lol

Im new to this lol

Ok so just started this page… i think its kindda cool i can post whtever i want whenever i want… i havent actually figured everything out… but i hope i do soon!!! I love taking randim pics and i can have random thoughts so its cool tht i get to write all tht out!!! Now gotta have some fun!!